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Please donate to our combination therapies appeal.

With your generous support today, we can unlock new combinations of treatments to continue outsmarting cancer, and help patients live longer and well with cancer.

Why do we need combination therapies? 

Over the years, our discovery of new targeted drugs has helped to improve the lives of cancer patients. But as cancer can adapt and evolve to become resistant to these drugs, we need to find ways to make them work harder.

Your donations will help us to improve our understanding of the biology behind cancer, so we can find more combinations of treatments and help more cancer patients have a better chance of surviving their cancer.

If you need help with your donation, please call us on 020 7153 5387.

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Karen O'Malley on the beach

Karen is living well with advanced bowel cancer and pursuing her passion for wild swimming, thanks to a combination of chemotherapy and a targeted treatment.

Thank you for helping to bring hope to cancer patients. Hope for people like Karen, who was told her cancer was incurable and is now living well with cancer, thanks to a combination therapy. Your gift today will enable us to find new and better treatment combinations, so that more people like Karen can live well with cancer.