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Please donate to our immunotherapy appeal today.

With your help, we can uncover the potential of immunotherapy, giving people with cancer longer lives and new hope.

Our vision for immunotherapy

We have made huge advances in treating cancer with immunotherapy, keeping cancer at bay for longer, and offering even more people with advanced cancer the hope of a cure.

With your help, we can go even further to understand why some people with cancer respond to immunotherapy and others do not. By understanding exactly how and why immunotherapy works, we can unlock its benefits for more people with cancer. We can help to give people precious extra years. We know we can make a big difference to people with cancer - but we need your help to do it.

If you need help with your donation, please call us on 020 7153 5387.

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Graham with his wife

Graham was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2020. Following successful immunotherapy treatment, he has no evidence of the disease.

Thank you for helping to bring hope to people with cancer. Hope for people like Graham, who was told his cancer was incurable and is now cancer free thanks to immunotherapy. Your gift today will help us to go on making discoveries, finding more cures, and saving more lives.